The Fit Alterations & Custom Designs

The Fit Alterations has been providing alterations and custom designs to customers in Phoenix and its surrounding areas for many years.

We are known by our repeat customers for providing quality work and having the fastest turn-around in town. Our seamstresses and tailors will take your in your ideas and deliver the best alteration or custom design.

Whether you need to replace a zipper, re-size your dress, or restyle one of your favorite pieces of clothing, we can do it all. Please stop by one of our three convenient valley locations, and we will be glad to assist you.


3 Central Phoenix Locations

Please contact us at (602) 277-4171 or view our locations...

Customer Testimonials

"I have been coming for a year here. It is hard to find and keep a place that provides consistent and pleasant customer service, the right service( and fit) and competitive price for the workmanship. Going to a small business for me takes time to get acquainted with, as I have gotten to know Dennis'(the owner) and his crews' skills in tailoring and how to properly dress for work. I've had my many dress pants helm and altered, and many dress shirt fixed at the arm's length, and Armani jacket resized to fit me perfectly. At times, I found some old clothes that I haven't worn in years because of fit, and have them re-fitted, and that gives these old clothes new life and saves me lots of money.  They do exactly the measurements I want and will take the time to critique to make sure it will fit properly. If rework is needed, they don't complain about it.

So far, the service has been on the mark. I've always gotten my items on time and If I need it done faster, they can provide. Plus they keep me inform if they have any questions along the way. What I think, they can do better is make their pricing visible and take better notes sometimes of the work that needs to be done. Dennis is good at taking my complaints and suggestions, in order to improve future services.

Last, this place also has a drop off box, if you want to donate your used or unwanted clothes to a local charity.  That's awesome."  --Johnny B., Phoenix AZ


"I'm a hard man to fit when it comes to clothes. Between having a beer gut that only June Shannon can eclipse, having no ass that anyone can seem to find, and being long in the arm and short in the leg, fitting me is a hell of a challenge.

As such, I have to get a lot of my clothes these days custom tailored.

I found The Fit on Yelp when I punched in "tailors" into the search. it didn't come up first as Yelp is a bit screwy that way, even though it was closest to my house.

Drove over, got fitted. Had a 3 piece suit that needed to be butchered and put back together for my brother's wedding. Ever try to fit a vest over a large belly? Its super fun!

But the folk at The Fit got me dialed. And did it in an ingenious manner. They took the extra fabric from the legs of my pants, stitched it into the sides of the vest where the fabric meets the silk and had it looking like it was factory made that way.

That's skill. Plain and simple.

This place wasn't cheap, it was $118 for a full rebuild on the vest and pants and shortening the arms on the jacket. That might seem like a lot, but for a fit as nice as they gave me on this suit, it was worth every penny.

I'd recommend this place to anyone who needs custom fit clothing and who is tough to fit."  --Ian A., Phoenix AZ